Sacred-Soul Alkaline Pitcher


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Not sure whether alkaline water has any merit? Want to see what all the fuss is about? Are you curious and ready to stick the proverbial toe in before making a larger financial commitment?

Or maybe your home’s kitchen isn’t friendly to a faucet-mounted system and installing under your sink is also a no-go as well. Stand alone is your only option.

Love natural alkaline water and need a portable, travel friendly version? Something to keep at the office, the gym or toss in the suitcase to use at the hotel.

How about kids going to college, or friends and family you’d like to give a gift of health too?

The Sacred-Soul Alkaline Pitcher is your answer. Built around the same natural alkaline process used in all our products, just in a smaller, sleeker package. Simply fill the top reservoir from your faucet, filtering system or bottle. The water will flow through a combination carbon filter, mineral cartridge and fill the bottom with fresh, clean, mineral rich alkaline water.

Just like bigger ionizers, you’ll enjoy high pH, negative ORP and super hydrating properties. Now available anywhere you want it.

$59.95Add to cart


Colors: Green, Pink, White
Performance: pH 8.5 – 9.5 : ORP -150 to -300 mV (ranges due to source water variations)
Filter life: Approx. 150 Liters. 2-3 months based on normal usage (convenient timer on the lid)
Reservoir size: 42 oz – kid and bicep friendly
BPA Free
Square shape to fit in all but the most unusual fridge doors

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